Event Organizations

Our talented and creative team, experienced venue and event designers work to differentiate and make all projects unforgettable. Creative ideas, creation of concepts, full visualization, Production (preparation of video recording reports and video materials), art management (decorations, artists, costumes, etc.), directing and stage work (planning the concept of the event, preparing a show program).

Creative ideas and production

We will design for you We add value with creative ideas. We create a comprehensive communication language and prepare your programs in this common language and setup. We work to add different elements of pleasure to the experience of the participants. We can design a gift / hospitality plan for you that brings your program theme or business message to life.

Place Planning and Design

Our team informs and guides you in determining the ideal location and venue for your meeting program and helps you to choose the ideal location. We find and offer the right place for you. Afterwards, we prepare the spaces for you with all design elements such as space designs, decors, flowers, etc.

F&B Planning and Design

We know that a great dining experience is one of the highlights of a program. Creating suitable menus for you, presentation rituals, venue selection, planning, excellent taste and service. It is our job to design menus, organize presentations and manage unexpected changes in attendance.

Decor, Stage, Sound-Light

KMP has the expertise and resources to stimulate the senses of the guests, from illuminating a special dinner with creative lighting, to dynamic, custom made thematic designs for a general session, to presenting a bold stage design. It develops music, stage, lighting, sound and imaging solutions to create the desired environment for you. Prepare and budget presentations for alternative concepts and technologies.


We can create all the details, from successful artists to the best comedians, musicals, people and show mans suitable for your industry, that support your message, and we can organize a perfect entertainment.

Speaking and Session Planning

It offers you all kinds of services from international speakers to motivational speakers, fashion designers, determining speakers suitable for your sector and meeting purpose, and preparing speech programs.

Tour Management

We provide a complete destination experience with special tour programs for your group, which will be created in line with your activity goals.

Project Support Services

Every project is unique. Therefore, its management requires special skills. Our project support department; It is at your side to solve tasks such as professional coordination of the event, welcoming services at airports, coordination and control of all services (accommodation, meal, conference, travel program), coordination of transportation services, technical assistance at every moment of the organization. Hospitality support services are the hearth of guest communication. Our professional staff is ready to assist with activity records and respond to your needs.

  • Social and artistic events.
  • General or personal gifts, surprises and services for participants.
  • Scene Organisations.
  • Groundbreaking organizations.
  • Specially designed invitations for participants.
  • VIP events.
  • Cultural events.
  • Factory / Shopping Mall opening organizations.
  • Road show events.